UK train fares set to rise as austerity budget kicks in

by Alister POOLE on October 11, 2010

As the London Underground continues to weather mounting industrial action, commuters are also being warned that train fares across the UK could see dramatic increases.

The Transport Select Committee has warned travellers that city-commuters will see drastic raises in season tickets, while other types of train passengers could see ‘unlimited’ raises in ticket prices. The move will see season tickets costing hundreds of pounds more than current fares.

According to the committee, the austerity budget will see that trains become overcrowded as billions of pounds are cut from the country’s transport budget. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said that users of the railway system would not be exempt from sharing in the nationwide burden that is the current deficit.

Mr Hammond continued, saying that it was his regret to announce the news, but that rail passengers should be cautioned that the large budget deficit and necessary cutbacks meant that all aspects of the public sector would be affected. The government’s transport budget is currently set at 15.9bn pounds, however, the Treasury has proposed two possible outcomes of the spending review. The first would be a comprehensive 25 per cent cut of 4bn or a 40 per cent cut of 6.45bn.

Presently, season tickets across the country range, including long distance fares for peak routes, will rise under the RPI inflation figure unveiled in July in addition to a one per cent increase. However, this regulatory measure alone will see a 5.8 per cent rise in fares by January. Additionally, 2,000 new carriages that had been ordered to reduce overcrowding have been put on hold indefinitely.

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