United Kingdom Enjoying Extended Summer

by Emily DUNBAR on October 28, 2009

Citizens around the United Kingdom will be happy to know that the rains of early summer have disappeared and that it is likely that Britain will enjoy summer weather well into October.  According to a recent report by the Met, the United Kingdom will have higher average temperatures than that of Corfu and that temperatures everywhere will be approximately seven degrees higher than usual.  This comes as great news to many families around the United Kingdom, as the nice weather coincides with many school’s midterm holidays.  This is also good news for hotels and resorts around the United Kingdom, who hope to use the good late season weather to make up for the year’s early losses.

The travel and tourism industry in the United Kingdom suffered over the last few years from a variety of problems.  The global recession left many unable to afford a holiday, while the outbreak of the swine flu made many afraid to leave the house.  In addition, rains in the United Kingdom plagued the early summer and kept many from taking a holiday.  This is why resorts and hotels are excited about the good late season weather, as they hope to make up the lost profits of the early season.  Many are offering bargains as incentives as a way to make up for low occupancy rates.

Forecasters and weather experts attribute the unusually mild weather to warm air which is coming from France, North Africa, and Spain.  East and South and into the Midlands of the United Kingdom will have the warmest and driest weather according to the Met report.

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