United States Embassy Warns Travelers of a Threat to Airlines Flying out of Guyana

by William ASTON on February 11, 2014

It now appears that the United States Embassy and authorities in Guyana have warned travelers to an unspecified threat. Although it has not been made clear what this threat is, they say that the threat is related to Caribbean Airline flights that are leaving Guyana.

As a result of this threat, more security is currently in effect at Cheddi Jagan International Airport. This is the airport that is located just outside the capital of Guyana, Georgetown. Despite these warnings, the airline was seen operating normally just this past Monday. The flights that left Guyana headed toward New York.

Local airport officials said that there is a threat and a number of security measures have been put in place to prevent it. All passengers are asked to stay on the lookout for any kind of suspicious activity. This kind of activity should be reported right away to airport security. This extra layer of security will remain in place for an undetermined amount of days.

The United States Embassy, on the other hand, is telling all of its citizens that they should avoid using Caribbean Airlines until about mid-week. This warning has been put into effect “out of an abundance of caution.”

Caribbean Airlines said that it thanks the passengers who are flying with them and their complete understanding for this inconvenience. Currently, there are special security methods that have been put into place to protect the public.

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