U.S. Addresses Security Failure

by William ASTON on January 1, 2010

Since the latest failed terrorist attempt authorities in the United States and United Kingdom have been wondering what exactly went wrong that would allow a man to sneak an explosive device onto a plane.  Security measures have been made stricter since the Christmas Day attempt, with U.S. passengers only allowed one carryon bag and being subjected to additional bag searches and pat downs prior to the flight.  This has even led some to speculate that the full body x ray machines that have been tested in a few airports may become widely used, although many passengers have complained that these machines violate their right to privacy.  As authorities try to stay ahead of future security breaches they are still trying to look back to see exactly how this issue was allowed to happen.

Janet Napolitano, the head of Homeland Security, has admitted that it was a failure of the security system which allowed a young Nigerian man to sneak aboard a plane with an explosive device hidden in his underwear.  Napolitano admitted that there was a crack in the security system at U.S. airports, which runs counter to a statement that she made earlier in the year in which she claimed that security at U.S. airports worked well.  The biggest issue is how man who was on both the U.S. and U.K. terror watch lists was allowed to pass through airport security more than two times with explosives attached to him.

Abdulmutallab, the man who attempted the bombing, was on the terror watch list but was not placed on the no fly list even though his father had called U.S. authorities and said he feared his son was planning an attack.

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