US Airways plane in Philadelphia evacuated

by William ASTON on October 8, 2010

Transportation security officials were forced to remove passengers from a flight bound for Bermuda on Thursday at Philadelphia’s international airport in the wake of reports that an individual with no security badge was helping to load the aircraft.

Over 100 passengers on board the flight and another five crewmembers were removed from the US Airways jet in what security officials said was a threat raised by the carrier. Authorities searched the plane for explosives but nothing was found, said a spokesman for the FBI.

Investigators were attempting to track down an individual working without a security clearance badge, however, they said that it does not appear to have been connected to terrorism. The person in question was wearing a US Airways uniform.

Philadelphia police said that reports showed the person working did not have the proper credentials, but the FBI spokesman said he could neither confirm nor deny that the individual in question was lacking a proper security badge. The flight was scheduled to leave Thursday morning when the passengers were forced to disembark while the plane underwent a thorough security inspection.

Security teams surrounded the Airbus 319, which was searched by dogs including all luggage on board the aircraft.

US Airways spokesman, Todd Lehmacher confirmed the news that the search had taken place, but would make no further comments saying that the investigation was still ongoing.  According to TSA regulations, airport personnel must have proper identification on them at all times while working on site at the airport.

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