US cities taken over by Air Jordan disorder

by Tiffany Millar on December 26, 2011

Rowdy scenes broke out at stores around the US as consumers jostled to get their hands on a pair of Nike’s latest shoe.

Disorder was reported from California to Georgia while shoppers battled to purchase an old version of what is regarded as a classic Air Jordan model. One new pair costs around $180, but they are being listed on eBay already for figures as high as $605.

Ugly scenes across the US recalled violence that emerged in the 1990s on city streets across the country as the trainers became a popular target for thieves. During the early hours of Friday morning, police has to use pepper spray on around 20 customers that had started fighting at a shopping mall in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington state.

One man was cuffed for allegedly assaulting a police officer, Mike Murphy, who confirmed that the suspect went to jail and didn’t get manage to get his hands on a pair of the Air Jordans. Murphy added that the crowds were not a nice group of shoppers with a lot of hostility and disorder among them.

A spokesperson representing Nike wasn’t immediately available for comment. Famously to those that remember the era, the original Air Jordans created a subculture of avid collectors that rarely ever wore the sneaker but had a willingness to wait hours on end just to buy the latest pair.

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