US issues Yemen travel warning

by William ASTON on March 7, 2011

The USA has issued a travel warning for Yemen and told all its citizens currently in the Middle Eastern state to consider leaving. The state department has also said that civil unrest and terrorist activities in the country have raised the security threat level to “extremely high”.

This latest international travel warning comes just a day after similar advice was issued by the UK government. Reports of fatal clashes between protesters and police have been coming out of the country for several weeks as anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of many cities.

The demonstrators are demanding that President Ali Abdullah Saleh hands in his resignation after ruling the country since 1978. There are also calls for wealth to be distributed more evenly, more job opportunities and an end to government corruption.

President Saleh has however vowed to defend his regime, despite offering to stand down at the next elections in 2013. In addition, however, the country has been hit by al-Qaeda attacks in the south due to a reoccurring conflict with northern Shia tribes.

The voluntary departure of non-essential personnel and family members of US Embassy staff has been authorised by the US Department of State following a suspected al-Qaeda attack this weekend in the capital city of Sanaa which killed four soldiers, according to reports.

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