US Northeast Hit with Second Major Snowstorm

by Emily DUNBAR on February 11, 2010

The snowstorm that hit the Midwest of the US slammed through the Northeast mid-Atlantic states on Tuesday, triggering more power outages, business closures and canceled flights and train services. Due to the massive piles of snow, which now reach 4 feet (48 inches) or more, even federal agencies were closed on Tuesday and again through Wednesday, with potential closings the rest of the week.

Public schools everywhere were closed on Wednesday, as the snowstorm reached from Virginia to at least New York, who has only closed school two other times in the last 6 years in some places. There seems to be potential for some states to close schools again on Thursday and/or Friday.

Travel has been very rough, with cancellations coming in every direction. Continental Airlines suffered the suspension of operations from Newark Liberty International Airport, while other airlines operating out of Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia and other major cities also reported cancellations.

Plus, rail services were halted over the weekend due to the heavy snow, fallen trees and lack of power, and this new snowstorm caused even more chaos. Amtrak canceled many train services on Tuesday along with commuter rail system MARC and Metrorail, who said services would be limited to underground stations. Bus services were also canceled on Wednesday.

Aside from all this, power was out for hundreds of people across a couple states due to the weekend blizzard. Now utilities are even more hindered to get power up and running again for tens of thousands of businesses and homes due to this second storm.

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