US soldiers killed at German airport

by William ASTON on March 3, 2011

Two service men have been killed on a military bus outside Frankfurt Airport by a lone gunman. Another two were injured after a 21-year-old man from Kosovo opened fire on the vehicle. He fled the scene but was apprehended in the terminal building.

A spokeswoman for the US air force said all four of those shot were American military men who were based in the UK. The bus was known to be heading to the Ramstein airbase but the identities of those killed have not yet been released.

It is also not yet known if the incident was an act of terrorism, but an investigation is underway and security has been tightened at the German hub. Police are reporting, however, that an argument may have broken out on the bus before the suspect began shooting.

One of the dead men is also thought to be the driver of the bus which had a US government licence plate of AF, meaning air force. The incident occurred at around 3.20pm local time yesterday.

According to Manfred Fuellhardt, a spokesman for Frankfurt police, one of the injured men is in a serious condition while the other is doing well. He added that no possible motives had yet been discovered.

US president Barack Obama said that no effort would be spared in getting to the bottom of the outrageous and saddening killing.

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