V8 hotel in Germany attracts all kinds of guests

by Alister POOLE on August 17, 2010

The V8 Hotel located in Germany is unique in that it offers rooms not only outfitted with a car theme, but with full-sized cars renovated into beds.

For those who love all things vehicle oriented, the experience offers a high-octane holiday as visitors curl up under simulated stars and rev up their engines in workshops or the car wash. Guests can request everything from a Mercedes to a Morris Minor at this hotel, which is based in Germany’s international car dealers hub - Stuttgart’s Meilenwerk.

Located in the building that used to be the city’s old airport, the hotel features three levels of suites in the building’s former control tower. Running at around £312 per night, visitors can choose from several themed suits, including the Zeppelin Suit, which features a terrace, landscaped views and full sauna. Heike Petzold, an employee at the hotel, said that it has become quite popular as an attraction, and that even local residents will come to the hotel to stay the night.

Adding that, the hotel has managed to attract guests of all ages, the property is not just for children and car enthusiasts. Petzold added that the hotel has even enjoyed a few celebrity guests, though not at liberty to mention who they are, Petzold said that the building is popular with more than just car buffs.

The four-star hotel features 34 rooms each uniquely themed and a car-inspired reception and restaurant. Aside from trendy details and a host of antique accessories within the room, there are also original parts from automotive history within some of the suits. Some rooms simply play host to the classic Bauhaus style, but the car theme is still present in these as well.

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