Visitors to Greece advised to book a package

by Alister POOLE on May 29, 2012

Tourists planning to enjoy a holiday in Greece this summer were this week advised against making independent arrangements due to the high possibility of completely losing their money should the Mediterranean country leave the euro.

Fears have already been raised that should Greece exit the euro, disruption to both transport and financial services could occur while businesses will be closed down and shortages of fuel or food could be experienced. Which? - the expert consumer watchdog magazine, has suggested that any holidaymakers considering a trip must book package holidays, as opposed to arranging separate flights and accommodation, as such an act would ensure that their money is protected.

Any travellers who book package holidays are guaranteed that a full refund will be handed to them by their tour operator should their flight be cancelled. On the other hand though, independent travellers with flights disrupted receive a refund but their carrier is never responsible for other arrangements, including car hire or hotel bookings.

Which? has urged holidaymakers who do make bookings independently to make payments with a credit card. By doing this, they will then be safe under the Consumer Credit Act while ensuring that their insurance policies cover supplier failure or “consequential losses”.
Greece’s tourism industry has over recent weeks attempted to reassure all potential visitors that the Mediterranean country will remain open for business, in spite of political and financial uncertainty.

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