Walt Disney World Says It Is Increasing Its Prices Again

by Emily DUNBAR on February 25, 2014

People travel from all over the world to visit the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. In fact, Walt Disney World in Florida is the most visited and most famous Walt Disney park in the world. Maybe it is due to this why Disney feels it is fine to raise the prices yet again.

As of February 23 of this year, it costs $99 for a one-day ticket to see the Magic Kingdom. This is up from the $95 it cost last year. Tickets to visit the Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios were also increased by $5 to $95.

Disney released a statement about this increase, saying that its pricing reflects the very high-quality experiences that it offers at the park. There are a variety of ticket options that provide value for guests. This includes multi-day tickets that offer amazing savings.

One such option that Disney offers is a Park Hopper ticket. This is an option in which Disney adds just $1 to its tickets so that people can visit multiple parks in the same day. That being said, Disney did increase the price of its Season Pass, which includes blackout dates. The price was increased from $309 to $319. The Annual Pass was increased from $464 to $485.

Although the increase was only a few dollars, this is the second time within a year that Walt Disney World has increased its prices. There has been no word yet if other parks in the area are going to increase their prices as well. SeaWorld and Universal Studios may also choose to increase their prices.

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