Weather could ruin Christmas for many

by Alister POOLE on December 20, 2010

As heavy snows continue to blanket the UK, thousands of people could see Christmas ruined as Heathrow Airport closes and travel chaos persists.

Few flights will be allowed out today and thousands have been left to sleep overnight due to delays from the snow. Gatwick Airport saw hundreds of people remain overnight as well following disruptions.

The Met Office has warned that eastern Scotland, Yorkshire and the north-east of England will continue to experience heavy snow. Icy reads still remain a hazard around the country.

Edinburgh, Borders and Lothian have been given extreme weather cautions and almost 20cm of snow should fall today. Overnight, temperatures in the warmest parts of the country only reached -5C and Shropshire and Worcestershire got below -19C.

The A34 in Oxfordshire is looking at queues of eight hours or more as 80 cars were abandoned on the motorway on Saturday night. Several lorries are also blocking the route. Airports, however, have been hit the worst with thousands of travellers set to fly in over Christmas holidays.

British Airways released a statement saying that several hundred passengers had been given hotels. A spokesperson for the company said the industry was currently dictated by the weather.

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