Website offers Bargains to Customers in UK

by William ASTON on September 8, 2009

A successful website in Australia has announced the introduction of its United Kingdom counterpart, which it hopes will be just as big of a hit with consumers. is a website which acts as a central location for customers in Australia to find coupons to local businesses.  While not in the traditional clip and save format, the website allows customers to find discounts on every type of merchandise imaginable, as well as things like hotels and travel.

The website has taken advantage of the recent trends towards these types of hubs, which allow customers one location to find a bevy of things that they might need.  In addition to locating specific bargains, customers can browse for the top deals and also share coupons with other customers online.  Thus far, the website has been a big hit in Australia, something that the company hopes will continue with its launch in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom version of the website, which will be called, will offer UK customers a similar experience to its counterpart in Australia.  The company has given many reasons for its success, including the poor economy, which has an increasing number of customers searching for bargains online.

While in the past customers might turn towards newspapers for these types of coupons, website make the process hassle free and allow customers to browse a broader range of deals.

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