Welsh Chinese holiday village blocked

by William ASTON on May 9, 2012

A £50m holiday village for Chinese tourists, proposed for the heart of the Welsh countryside, was shelved today after inspectors deemed the plans “inappropriate”.

Thousands of wealthy Chinese visitors were expected to flock to the proposed hotel, which was to have 100 rooms, and holiday homes that were to be built on a rural site. Although the UK already attracts over 100,000 tourists from Chinese shores each year, the resort would have been the first-ever holiday centre purposely built for the inhabitants of the world’s largest country.

The plans for the shunned resort, which was to be constructed in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, are now on hold after the Design Commission for Wales put together a report for the Welsh Government that detailed how the plans are unacceptable. The report read that the plans are inappropriate and have no reference to any local typologies and materials.

It was also said that the proposed buildings were bland and disparate and designed to appeal to foreign clients regardless of site and location – which does not do any justice to the kind of quality that is appropriate for the site in Llandeilo, it said.  The planned resort was to include health spas and a swimming pool constructed around a Grade II listed tower, which has been at the site since the 1870s.

Additionally, signs in both English and Mandarin, the most commonly-spoken language in China, were to be made, while staff were to be trained on Chinese customs. Chinese travel brochures were also set to advertise that the site was merely three hours away from London – the UK’s main attraction  for foreign tourists.

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Charlie May 14, 2012 at 10:19 am

Shouldn’t signs have been in Welsh too? Not just English and Mandarin.

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