Whitebread Hotels and Restaurants Beat up Competition

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 10, 2009

The Whitebread corporation, which owns such hotels as the Premier Inn and popular restaurant chains like Costa Coffee recently released an upbeat announcement that has helped its stock.  With most in the hotel industry reporting grim numbers, Whitebread is one of the few companies keeping its head above water in this global recession.  It is this very recession, coupled with concerns over the H1N1 outbreak, that have kept many travelers at home, making the travel and tourism industry one of the hardest hit over the last year.

Whitebread has managed to stay ahead of the competition, although Premier Inn still reported losses over the first quarter of the year.  However, the discount hotel has received a boost from businesses who are downgrading hotel rooms for their employees.  Even though the numbers of business travelers staying at Premier Inn has increased, they are staying few days, which means less revenue for the hotel chain.

Costa Coffee on the other hand, has had a great year, which is contrary to most in the coffee business.  Whitebread spokesmen attributed the success to their new advertising campaign, which aggressively touts Costa as the most coffee that UK customers prefer.

Costa Coffee has opened over eighty new locations in the United Kingdom alone over the last year.  Many restaurants and pubs have actually had good financial years, as a growing number of staycationers are looking for cheaper entertainment without leaving the UK.  Whitebread hopes this trend continues and forecasts that they will be at or above expectations by the end of the year.

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