Windsor and Neate Travel Shut Doors in UK

by William ASTON on August 26, 2009

Windsor and Neate Travel, a travel agent based out of Newbury, have announced that they are stopping their operations in the United Kingdom.  The announcement was made in a press release by the United Kingdom’s Association of British Travel Agents.   The agency, which specialized in holiday cruises, is one of many in the industry who are struggling mightily or simply closing their doors.

The travel industry at large has plummeted over the last two years, as customers who are concerned over the floundering economy are choosing to stay home, as opposed to spending money on expensive cruises or travel abroad.  The tourism industry has seen reported drops of up to 13 percent across the board, with some segments of the business, especially luxury vacations and cruises, feeling the pinch to the tune of a 25 percent drop in overall sales.

However, there is some good news for travelers who had planned to use Windsor and Neate Travel, or those who had already booked a holiday cruise through the company.  As a member of the United Kingdom’s Association of British Travel Agents, all booking are insured against cancellation and customers will have some recourse against lost reservations.

“Impacted customers should contact travel insurance provider CEGA, its partner, which will handle all retail claims,” said a spokesman from the ABTA.

Thanks to Cruise Critic for the above quote.  For more information, please visit their website.

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