World Center Hotel uses Ground Zero as Selling Point

by Ella FAIRCHILD on March 9, 2010

The World Center Hotel, which is a new hotel opening near ground zero, is trying to use the views of the World Trade Center rebuilding site as a way to attract customers. The hotel calls itself 4-stars and is still being constructed. However, they started accepting guests on the floors that are finished last month.

Club Quarters is the company opening the World Center Hotel. Vice president Cheryl Palmer sees this venture as a rebirth, and in her opinion, the location of the site is a selling point. She says that people want to be there, because they want to be near ground zero. They want to feel and celebrate it, she continued, adding that they have a very accessible view of it.

The hotel offers some rooms with windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling and open directly on the construction site. Members and guests will have access to the patio restaurant, which features views of metal scaffolding, jackhammers and giant cranes.

The Millenium Hilton, which is also close by, offers views similar to this from many of its rooms. However, general manager Jan Larsen believes that it’s too soon to incorporate the ground zero site into a marketing plan. She said that people are still sensitive to being perceived as taking advantage of the tragedy by using it as a promotion. They get customers that didn’t know how close the hotel is to the site, she added, and they get emotional - some of them say they wouldn’t have booked the hotel if they had known.

The World Center Hotel is the first hotel in the area to use the 9/11 location as a selling point to attract guests. We will see soon if their marketing strategy works or if it’s simply too soon.

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