World Cup Draw Increases Demand for Tickets

by Alister POOLE on December 8, 2009

Excitement for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa has been building ever since England first qualified for the event.  Supporters of the English team think that this may finally be the year that they raise the cup for the first time in over thirty years.  Because of the large demand for tickets, hotels, and transportation, planning a trip to the World Cup can be just about as daunting as playing against Brazil in the first round.  A variety of scams have reared their ugly heads and thousands of Brits have already been victimized by fake tickets and phony packages for hotels and rented cars.  Now that the draw for the World Cup has been announced, plans are starting to be made in earnest and many English fans are finding that booking this trip is more difficult than they originally thought.

Now that it has been set that England will play America in the first round of the World Cup, tickets have been even more in demand than they originally were.  As many as twenty or thirty thousand Brits are expected to attend the matches, but this World Cup offers its own set of challenges to supporters of the English team.  Not only is South Africa a poor nation, but public transportation is nearly non-existent or dangerous which has many wondering how they will get from their hotel room to the match. 

FIFA has thus far only licensed four travel agencies in the United Kingdom and supporters who want to buy an all inclusive package are advised to use one of the four to ensure that what they buy is legitimate.

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