Village Hotels and Leisure Clubs

Village Hotels and Leisure Clubs have a unique concept, and each property consists of a 100 bedroom mid-market hotel, a 40,000 square foot health and fitness club and a strong food and beverage operation, all within the same building.

There are currently 14 Village Hotels. Construction of the 15th Village Hotel and Leisure Club in Maidstone has started and it is scheduled to open in summer 2004. Building of the 16th Village at North Birmingham began at the end of 2003 and three further sites are in the planning stage.

Village Hotels and Leisure Clubs is quickly becoming a national name with its hotels located close to leading concert and theatre venues. All the hotels provide a consistently high standard of accommodation and service.

Village Hotels and Leisure Clubs also have the highest occupancy of any full-service provincial hotel chain. The hotels provide comfortable surroundings, with a casual dress code and an informal restaurant and pub. This extends to the health and fitness clubs, which provide a less competitive, more relaxed atmosphere. The provision of toning tables and beginners classes also creates a feeling of welcome rather than intimidation, within the health clubs.

Great value food and hospitality are assured, whether it's in the Village Pub, Salinger's Bar and Restaurant or Café Copra. In fact, everything is under one roof in these informal, family friendly hotels.

The Village Pub in each hotel is noted as a gathering place for both residents and the surrounding community. Pub-level prices means it is an attractive destination to locals and ensures overall value in the total cost of their stay.

Village Hotels and Leisure Clubs brand is owned by Devere Group PLC.

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Village Hotels and Leisure Clubs
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