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Steeped in history and political intrigue, this former capital of Tsars and ruthless dictators, has much to offer the modern visitor. You can find a multitude of exciting attractions in this city, ranging from the priceless riches of the Tsars, to the preserved bodies of revolutionaries, or the photogenic fairytale cathedrals.

A walk around the vast expanse of Red Square gives you a real sense of Moscow. At one end of the square stands the beautiful St Basil's Cathedral. Its onion-shaped domes and gaudy colours evoke images of fairytales. The cathedral's fascinating exterior is matched by its interior, which features narrow walkways, twisting tunnels and cramped chapels. Also on the square is Lenin's mausoleum, where the mummified remains of the bearded revolutionary are preserved.

Another place of interest is the Gagarin Training Centre in the town of Zvezdny. This training centre for Russian cosmonauts houses a museum and a memorial to Yuriy Gagarin, the world's first spaceman. The complex is also home to simulators, hydro-labs and a huge model of the space station submerged in a swimming pool. There is also a unique cosmic planetarium which features the projection of 9,000 stars upon the dome ceiling.

Moscow lies in the centre of what is known as European Russia. The border between Europe and Asia runs down the west side of the Ural Mountains, 1300kms east of Moscow. Also to the east of Moscow is the south-flowing Volga River, one of Russia's historic highways.

Tumultuous events in Moscow's history include the invasion by Napoleon in 1812 and the subsequent destruction of the city by flames. Moscow also became the home of Lenin and Stalin following the Communist revolution, and the city narrowly escaped capture by the Nazis before becoming the bastion of Cold War espionage and intrigue.

If you want to travel by car or motorbike, 10 major highways, numbered M1 to M10, fan out from Moscow to all points of the compass. Moscow has nine main railway stations from where you can access Europe and Asia and the fabled trans-Siberian express. A flight from London or Paris takes about three hours, from New York about 10 hours. Four Moscow airports are devoted to flights to and from places within Russia and the other ex-Soviet states.

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