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Borj Cedria in Tunisia stands between two worlds. The city is just outside of a modern Mediterranean capital, yet offers some beautiful unspoilt beaches. First class resorts promise to pamper you, while a short taxi ride will transport you into the modern hustle of Tunis.

Borj Cedria is just south of Tunis on the way to Hammamet, the other major destination in the region. The main attractions in Borj Cedria are the beach and the beautiful weather. Entertainment options include water sports, sailing trips, and the many services provided by the nearby resorts that promise to put you at ease.

A walk through downtown Tunis can be like walking back in time. While there are many modern banks, hotels and the like, the narrow winding, yet easily navigated roads lined with shops seem endless; they are full of souvenirs, antiques, brass, pottery, garments and leather. The 9th century mosque, Ez Zitouna, is the jewel of the Medina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Alternatively, the Bardo Museum has an amazing ceramics collection, as well as statues and funeral masks that won't fail to impress.

Accommodation and restaurants in Borj Cedria are prolific and seafood-oriented, while the nightlife at the resorts is relatively low key. However, a venture into nearby Tunis will offer more authentic Tunisian cuisine and plenty of entertainment after dark. Dar El Jeld is the best traditional restaurant in Tunis, and Avenue Bourguiba is the place to go for nightlife.

Sidi Bou Said is a pleasant village nestled high on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Tunis, only about 10kms from Borj Cedria. The cobbled town square has some great cafés and shops, and there is a quiet beach nearby. Borj Cedria is only one hour from Hammamet, where the nearby resorts and beaches of Hammamet Yasmine are worth a look.

Borj Cedria is easily accessible from Tunis and Hammamet, which are the places in Tunisia best served by transportation. They can be accessed via road, rail and bus. Tunis is 63kms north of Hammamet and 71kms south of Bizerte; a major international airport is only a short distance from the city.

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Borj Cedria Hotels
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