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Located off the coast of southeastern Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabes, Djerba is a self-contained paradise that caters to a variety of interests. The tiny island offers a perfect mix of quaint beaches, fascinating culture and diverse architecture.

With perfect weather, shaded palm tree groves and crystal blue water at every turn, Djerba is a tropical paradise. If well-maintained postcard-quality panoramas aren't enough, Djerba's breeze allows for some fine sailing and windsurfing, and you'll know you're in a different world when catching a camel taxi down the beach. To catch a glimpse of the whole island, simply hire a bicycle and let the friendly faces show you the place they call home.

The largest town on the island is charming Houmt Souq, beyond which there are only rural villages. Houmt Souq is well worth exploring, as the mighty mosques and whitewashed houses complement the palm trees and blue skies for a surreal effect. Be sure to ask about the Roman sites and pirates' castle, as both are worth a visit.

Djerba is home to many top class resorts which offer the finest in accommodation and dining options. There is also a variety of more modestly priced hotels, and delicious traditional cuisine featuring fresh seafood is also offered at many beachside cafes. Some recommended restaurants include: Les Flamants Roses and Houmt Souq Port.

Sailing to Pink Flamingo Island makes for a splendid day, but don't forget your sunscreen. Alternatively, in the interior of the island, stroll through the olive or fig groves, and try your bidding skills at the open-air markets. There always seems to be some sort of festival or wedding going on, so don't be shy about sharing the good times.

Ferries to Djerba leave Ajim every 15 minutes during the high season, and there is also a small international airport in the northwest of the island.


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Djerba Hotels
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