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Bracknell derives its name from Braccen-Heale meaning 'bracken covered secret place' and was first mentioned in the Winkfield Boundary Charter of 942. Centuries later in 1723, a troop of mounted grenadier guards had a pitched battle in Bracknell with the infamous band of ruffians known as the Wokingham Blacks. They had been marauding around the area of Windsor Forest for over a year, but after one of their numbers was forced to reveal the gang's whereabouts, the authorities were able to capture some 29 men.

The town has very few old buildings left, but those that remain are all pubs. The best is the Old Manor, a beautiful 17th century brick manor house complete with priest hole overlooking one of the bars. It is said to have secret passages connecting to various locations. The two buildings once stood alone on Ascot Heath, an area infamous for bandits.
Meanwhile, the Hind's Head had an unsavoury reputation. In the 18th century its publican apparently came up with an ingenious way of subsidising his income. Any rich traveller who stopped at the inn was given a particularly undesirable room for the night: it had a trap door beneath the bed. When asleep, the unfortunate guest would be catapulted down a neck-breaking shaft and his possessions taken to swell the innkeeper's purse. Eventually, a bar-maid fell for one of the prospective murder victims and told him what to expect. He ran for help and the publican was quickly arrested.

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