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Bradford began as a Saxon village by a ford, with 'brad' meaning broad. In the Middle Ages, Bradford developed a leather tanning and wool industry, and quickly became a major market town for trade in the area. The wool industry continued to grow and by the 16th century dying and fulling was also being done in Bradford.

1642 saw the beginning of the civil war between the King and Parliament, with Bradford solidly siding with Parliament. However, Bradford was badly sacked by the royalists, as the parliamentary army fled Bradford. In 1644, Bradford was taken back by the parliamentary army and remained in parliamentary hands until the end of the civil war. Prosperity returned to Bradford in the late 17th century, when the woollen industry began making worsted wool instead (a mixture of cotton and wool).

As with many British cities, Bradford was transformed by the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. The textile industry boomed in northern England and a Wool Exchange was established in Bradford in 1857. The completion of the Leeds-Bradford canal in 1774 made transportation of goods faster and cheaper. In 1897, Bradford became a city.

In the 1920s and 1930s Bradford saw a steep decline in the cloth industry and with it came mass unemployment. Although some of the decline was usurped by the growing engineering and printing industry in Bradford, the economy suffered badly. In the 1950s, the economy rebounded with the growth in the manufacturing industry. During this period, Bradford also saw the influx of a large number of immigrants from the West Indies, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, making the city multi-cultural one it is today.

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