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Derby lies on the fringes of the Peak District, an area that is famous for its ever-
changing landscape, from the moors that can be green or dark to ragged peaks and green meadows. Ice Age Man lived at Creswell Crags and in a settlement sheltered in the entrance chamber to Peak Cavern. As the region slopes southwards, it blends into the Derbyshire Dales and the rolling countryside and wooded hillsides of the east.

The historic section of the Peak Forest Canal leads to Bugsworth Basin, with its lime stores from the days when limestone mined in quarries was carried to Manchester. There is a National Heritage Corridor along the Derwent Valley that can be cycled or walked. Here you can see the limestone mines, plus cotton mills and some historic homes.

The southern half of the county of Derbyshire consists mostly of rich agricultural lowlands through which flow the rivers Dove, Derwent and Trent. Stone is generally a rarity in the area, so many of the cottages in the countryside are built of red brick with occasional half timbered walls and thatch roofs, as opposed to the whitish grey stone cottages of the limestone plateau or the warm gritstone cottages on the moors and in the shale valleys further north. Each village offers a variety of architectural styles, from manor houses to simple terraced cottages.

Some of the villages in this area of Derbyshire lie on the banks of the River Trent and came into being when Anglo Saxon adventurers sailed up the river over 1,000 years ago. Later, castles were built along the Trent, which was seen as the boundary between the civilised south and the more barbarian north. These are long gone but communities that still exist today, like Melbourne, grew up around them.

Derby city is famous for its 'countryside within the city'. This means that roughly a quarter of the land within the city has been left open and undeveloped. A good example is the River Derwent corridor that comes right into the city from the open countryside beyond. These areas in the city give the different suburbs a separate identity and are also important for wildlife and for recreational use.

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