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Rising from the north shore of the River Tay, Dundee occupies a spectacular position on the Tay Estuary and is dominated by a dormant volcano called the Law. This is the highest point in Dundee, with stunning views over the city and surrounding areas. The whole of the immediate hinterland of Dundee is typical of heavily glaciated country, characterised by gentle hills, knolls and numerous little streams.

At a height of 572 feet, The Law is thought to be have been formed around 400 million years ago. The extinct volcano has been central to Dundee's defences for thousands of years. In the Iron Age it was used as a hill fort and pre-historic graves dating back to 1500 BC have also been found here. Also, Roman pottery dating back to the 1st century AD has also been discovered. The McManus Gallery showcases the most notable find from here, a cup-shaped steatite lamp.

In the 1820s, the Law had a 300 metre long, 3 metre diameter tunnel bored through its eastern slopes for the Dundee to Newtyle railway. Originally, the train was drawn by horses. The first locomotive was introduced in 1833 and operated until the 1860s, when a new railway line was built that went around the Law.

Now it is possible to climb the summit, which boasts an observation point with views on clear days to Fife, Perthshire and the Sidlaw Hills to the north. Dundee's Nature Conservation Strategy has ensured the Law remains largely unspoilt and home to a wide selection of trees, plants, mosses, fungi, insects, birds and mammals.

The River Tay is the largest river in Scotland in terms of flow and drains much of the southern Highlands. The source of the River Tay is high on the slopes of Ben Lui, only 20 miles from Oban. As it branches out, it flows into the Firth of Tay. The Tay Railway Bridge, which opened in 1888, is just over two miles long and still remains the longest in Europe.

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