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The name of the city Dundee is thought to have derived either from the Celtic 'Duntaw' - the hill on the Tay - or from the Iron Age fort on top of the Law called 'Dun Diagh'. Dundee has been settled since ancient times, when the Picts constructed a fort on the Law. The hinterland of the fort became to be known as the Shire of Dundee and by the 12th century the town achieved the status of a royal burgh.

Dundee subsequently developed as an importing, exporting and distribution centre, trading with Europe. By the 16th century, Dundee had developed a textile industry and became one of the first urban industrial areas in Scotland.

Dundee prided itself on its thriving industries and was famous for the '3 Js' -- Jute, Jam and Journalism, Dundee's three core industries. Once among the world's leading whaling ports, the ready availability of whale oil in Dundee led to the establishment of the jute industry in the city in the 1830s as the oil was used to soften the rough jute fibres. Dundee soon became the centre of the world's jute industry, employing more than 50,000 people in the city. However, the 1920s saw a decline in the textile industry and with it the jute industry in Dundee.

The association with jam started when a Dundee grocer named Keiller bought a cargo of Seville oranges from a ship seeking port during a storm in 1797. They were made into marmalade by his wife, Janet, and a sweet-tasting success story followed, as their son James industrialised the process.

Journalism still plays an important role in Dundee today. DC Thomson & Co. Ltd. are publishers of the Sunday Post, Dundee Courier and the childhood favourite, the Beano.

Dundee's Victorian boom not only created a rich industrial heritage but left the city's public art collections and museums generously endowed with gifts from wealthy citizens.

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