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Durham can trace its history back a thousand years, to the arrival of a religious community seeking a permanent resting place for the body of St. Cuthbert. A shrine was built for the saint on top of a rocky hill, which was protected on three sides by the River Wear.

Following the Norman conquest of 1066, King William also found this a strategically appealing site from which to rule Northumbria and defend the region against the Scots. The existing community of Cuthbert gave way to Benedictine Monks and a Bishop was appointed by the King. They began building a cathedral to provide a permanent shrine for St Cuthbert, and the castle, to act as protection for the cathedral and to provide a palace for the Bishop. Both Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bishops of Durham at that time were given the power to govern the North on the King's behalf and subsequently assumed the title of 'Prince Bishop'. They were entitled to raise taxes, mint coins, had supreme jurisdiction in both the civil and military arena, and for centuries occupied the most powerful position in the region.

The prosperity of Durham developed around the cathedral, with St Cuthbert's shrine attracting pilgrims from all over England and Durham soon became one of the richest cities in England. A series of charters granted by the Bishops conceded trading rights and local government to the local citizens, creating a thriving market town.

In the 19th century Durham University was founded, thanks to the benevolence of Bishop Van Mildert and the Cathedral Chapter. Durham Castle became the first university college, and nearby Auckland Castle was retained as the sole residence of the Bishop.

The Industrial Age gave prominence to County Durham at the heart of the vital coal- fields and saw the creation of the world's first passenger railway in 1825. Practically every village around the city boasted a coalmine and, although these have since disappeared as part of the regional decline in heavy industry, the proud traditions, heritage and community spirit are still evident.

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Discount Hotels Durham
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