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The great city of Liverpool began as a tidal pool next to the Mersey. It was probably called the lifer pol meaning muddy pool. The port of Liverpool was founded in 1207 by King John when the English had recently conquered Ireland and needed another port to send men and supplies across the Irish Sea.

In the 16th century Ireland was still Liverpool's main trading partner. Skins and hides were still imported from Ireland, while exports from Liverpool at that time included coal, woolen cloth, knives and leather goods. Liverpool began to grow rapidly in the late 17th century with the growth of English colonies in North America and the West Indies. The first dock in Liverpool was built in 1715. Four more docks were built in the 18th century, and Liverpool grew to be the third largest port in the country behind London and Bristol.

From about 1730 the merchants of Liverpool made huge profits from the slave trade. The trade formed a triangle. Goods from Manchester were given to the Africans in return for slaves. The slaves were transported across the Atlantic to the West Indies and sugar was brought back from there to Liverpool. In 1778 France, Spain and Holland declared war on Britain. That meant ships from Liverpool could engage in privateering and attack French, Spanish and Dutch ships and take their cargoes, and the town grew fat on their takings.

At the end of the 18th century, sea bathing became fashionable among the upper and middle classes. They believed it was good for your health. In the early 19th century many people went sea bathing on the beach Northwest of Liverpool but in time newly built docks encroached on the beach. The port boomed and many new docks were built and by the middle of the century Liverpool was second only to London.

The Manchester ship canal was completed in 1894. Although the docks dominated Liverpool there were other industries such as shipbuilding, iron foundries, glass manufacture and soap making.

During World War II Liverpool was heavily targeted by bombers because of its maritime importance.

The 1990s saw something of a renaissance for the city, and redevelopment projects breathed life back into decaying areas, culminating in 2003 when Liverpool won the race to be European Capital of Culture in 2008.

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