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Oxford was founded in the 9th century when Alfred the Great created a network of fortified towns called burhs across his kingdom, one of which was at Oxford.

The university at Oxford was founded in 1167. During the Middle Ages there was much tension between townspeople and students. In 1209 a woman was killed. Afterwards 2 students were hanged by the townsfolk. Some of the students fled to Cambridge, establishing a university there.

In 1121 a Chancellor was appointed with power to discipline the students. Riots continued through the 13th century and tensions came to a head in 1355 when a fight occurred between them which lasted for 3 days. Afterwards an investigation was held and as a result the university staff and students were given still more privileges. Despite this the conflict between the townspeople and the university died down.

In 1258 Simon de Monfort and 23 other rebellious barons held a meeting in Oxford and forced the king to accept a number of reforms known as the Provisions of Oxford.

In 1651 the first coffee house in England opened in Oxford. Coffee was a new drink at that time but it soon became popular. Many coffee houses were opened where middle class and upper class men could meet, have a drink, read newspapers and talk shop. In 1659 a free grammar school was founded in Oxford.

In the 18th century Oxford remained a market town where produce from the surrounding area was bought and sold but most industry in Oxford was still geared to supplying the needs of the university. The city was full of brewers, bakers, butchers, tailors and grocers.

A railway from Oxford to London was built in 1844, and another to Banbury in 1850.

The fate of Oxford was changed in 1913 when a man named Morris began making cars in the city. In 1919 a radiator making company was formed and in 1926 a pressed-steel company which made car bodies. By the 1930s Oxford was an important manufacturing centre. It was also a prosperous city. Furthermore it escaped serious damage during World War II.

Throughout the latter half of the twentieth century Oxford expanded its infrastructure, residential areas, museums and educational institutions. Today the main industries are still car and vehicle parts manufacturing, publishing and biotechnology, as well as education.

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