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Sheffield was founded in the early 12th century by the Lord of the manor, William de Lovetot. He built a castle on the site of Castle Market, which had a moat on the south and west. In 1266 rebels burned the castle but it was rebuilt in 1270. The Lord also built a church on the site of the cathedral.

Wool was made in Sheffield, and then the town became known for its cutlery. Before 1500 watermills were adapted to grinding tools and the cutlery trade boomed. By 1600 Sheffield was the main town in England (apart from London) for cutlery.

In 1638 the first Cutlers House was built. In 1642 came civil war between king and parliament. In October that year parliamentary soldiers occupied the castle but they abandoned it when a royalist army approached. The royalists took the castle and town without a fight. However in August 1644 the parliamentarians counterattacked. The royalists made no attempt to defend the town but they tried to hold the castle. However it was forced to surrender after a short siege. In 1648 the castle was destroyed to prevent it ever falling into royalist hands again.

In the 18th century Sheffield's industries boomed. Sheffield was noted for its iron industry. In the early 1740s a man named Benjamin Huntsman invented a way of making better quality steel called crucible steel. Another inventor named Thomas Bolsover discovered a way of plating copper with silver. This silver plate was, of course, cheaper than silver and was very popular for things like candlesticks and teapots.

Both world wars left their scars on the city. In 1916 Sheffield was bombed by zeppelins leaving 28 dead, and during World War II 589 people were killed by German bombing.

In the 1950s and 1960s many Asian and West Indian immigrants came to Sheffield. Castle Market shopping centre was built in 1959, followed by Meadow Hall shopping centre in 1990. All the traditional industries such as iron, steel and cutlery declined in the 20th century. There was a shift away from employment in manufacturing industries to jobs in service industries. Now Sheffield is noted for hi-tech manufacturing industry.

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