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Strat-ford was the Saxon name given to this area where the Avon was best forded. This area was dependent on Worcester Cathedral and part of the Saxon kingdom of Hwicce, later to become part of the more powerful Kingdom of Mercia.

A proper market town developed at the end of the 12th Century when the clearing of the Forest of Arden increased agriculture in the area, remains of this can be found in the old town which was eventually superceded by a newer town (present location).

Significant status was afforded the town by the 14th century as it became a centre for regional trade. The New settlement, which up to this time was at constant rivalry with the old town, came out tops following the Black Death in the mid- 14th century.

A difficult period followed, punctuated by the birth of a man who would eventually bring great esteem to the town, William Shakespeare. Born in 1564 he was married by the age of 18 but soon fled to London to become an actor and eventually England's most celebrated writer. Only in his latter years did he return to Stratford, as a wealthy man. Meanwhile the plague claimed a tenth of the population and series of fires levelled much of the town centre in 1594, 1595, 1612 and 1614. There was also a collapse in the wool trade. One notable family to emerge at this time was the Harvards, whose son emigrated to New England and was responsible for setting up Harvard University.

During the Civil War Parliamentary soldiers occupied Stratford-upon-Avon. There was a temporary economic recovery in the second half of the 17th century. The next significant boost was the organising of a three-day celebration of Shakespeare, acknowledging the town's most brilliant son. However, only with the arrival of the railway in the 19th Century did the town really begin capitalizing on his legacy.

The Town Hall, originally known as Shakespeare Hall, was constructed in 1767. Around it Victorian improvements steadily grew, preserving the historic sites associated with Shakespeare and others.

Only in the 20th century has the town really seen an influx of visitors, curious to seek out the early years of Britain's most famous bard. The Royal Shakespeare theatre was added, but otherwise the town and river banks remain much the same. Tourism has now become the chief economy of the Stratford upon Avon.

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