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The name 'Swansea' ('Abertawe' in Welsh) is believed to derive from 'Sweyn's Ey' meaning 'inlet', a reference to a 10th century Viking ruler, who is said to have settled here to make use of Swansea's broad sandy bay for maritime purposes. The Normans later developed the town, building a castle and bringing growth and prosperity to the settlers due to the thriving harbour. The ship building industry was established in Swansea in the 13th century and during the next 400 years, the port flourished to be one of the most powerful in the world, exporting up to 80% of the world's copper and other minerals. It was the discovery of coal in and around Swansea, which lead to industrial development and growth - first in the mining industry and later on in metal manufacturing. During this era, local city kilns produced fine porcelain, which is still highly valued by collectors today. Excellence in stained glass is one artistic tradition which continues to earn Swansea a worldwide reputation. By the end of the 19th century, 90% of the tinplate mills in Britain were located within a 20 miles radius of Swansea. At the same time, Swansea was developing its reputation as a spa and seaside resort area.

As with many mining towns, Swansea continued to thrive until just before WW I, after which a decline in the metal industries left the town to rely on the exporting of coal, and importing other raw materials. Swansea suffered extensive damage during WW II, and many of the historic buildings were destroyed. In 1969 Swansea was granted city status, and it is now the second largest city in Wales.

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