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During the Roman occupation of Britain the area that later became known as Devon was the dominion of the Celtic tribe of the Dumnonii, the 'deep valley dwellers'. In AD 410, when the Roman army deserted the province, the Celts gathered enough support to make themselves Kings of Dumnonia. Their kingdom - which at its greatest extent covered modern Devon, Somerset and Cornwall - flourished for nearly five hundred years.

Although Devon mostly favoured Parliament at the outbreak of the English Civil War, a prevailing desire for peace brought about a treaty for the cessation of hostilities in both Devon and Cornwall in 1643. In 1688, the prince of Orange (later William III) began the Glorious Revolution by landing at Torbay and moving onward towards London through Forde and Exeter.
During the Napoleonic War, Torbay was frequently used by the Channel Fleet, which protected England against invasion by Napoleon. After Napoleon was captured, he was held on the warship, Bellerophon, in Torbay, for two days before being taken to Plymouth and then to St. Helena.

By the end of the 19th century Torquay was considered a health resort where the wealthy would come in winter to recover from illness. The advent of the railway to the Torquay area in the mid-19th century connected Torquay to the world.
Nowadays, Torquay has changed in character from being a winter holiday resort to being a summer holiday resort and rail traffic increased steadily, so that today tourism is its principal activity.

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