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Windsor is, of course, best known for its castle, home of the British monarchy and the largest inhabited castle in the world. It has been suggested that it was built on the site of a Celtic camp where King Arthur or one of his subordinates lived, as the town is mentioned a couple of times in Arthurian literature. William the Conqueror picked the site for a defensive wooden motte and bailey castle, soon after 1066. It was totally rebuilt in stone during the 12th and 13th century when the castle became more popular with the English Kings.

With such an obvious centre for Royal patronage and trade, the settlement of Windsor quickly grew up between the Castle and the Thames. Its right to hold a market, dating from before 1261, reveals the place's status as an early town.
Edward I was the first to make Windsor Castle a real family home. He held his coronation feast at the castle in 1275, with jousting in the surrounding park, and four of his children were born within its walls. The tone changed in King Edward III's reign when many prisoners, including foreign royalty were held at Windsor.

The Chapel Royal at Windsor Castle was originally built by King Henry III and later enlarged by Edward III, in 1363, as a canonical collegiate chapel. St. George, as the country's new patron saint, was chosen for the dedication.
The religious turmoil of King Henry VIII's reign impacted heavily on Windsor. In 1536, during the Dissolution of the Monasteries, two Windsor men were hanged for their overly catholic beliefs. Local tradition suggests the two bodies were then displayed from the top of the Curfew Tower.

King Charles I was not a popular man in Windsor during the years prior to the Civil War. In fact, the House of Commons showed concern that he was raising "forces at this time without the consent of Parliament" and there was rioting in the town; the King, thus, moved north. Troops were billeted throughout the town by the thousand, and Fairfax and Cromwell were frequent visitors. Royalist prisoners even populated the castle and horses were stabled in St. George's Chapel.
Much survived destruction, however, as did the castle itself, to be restored and added to during the reigns of Charles II, George IV and Queen Victoria until the building we see today was created.

In 1992 a fire broke out in the Royal apartments, leading to extensive renovations. Today the town and castle are more popular among tourists than ever.

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